Food poisoning and dealing completely with it

Food poisoning takes place when individuals eat contaminated foods. These contaminations can happen through bacteria, viruses, or even parasite contact. This can also happen when an individual takes in food that is not well cooked or foods that have not been well handled through the preparation process.

Some signs of food poisoning

Immediately an individual takes poisoned food, they begin to show some signs. Based on the specific poison type, this can happen instantly or after some hours when they have taken in the contaminated or poisoned food. Some of these signs include;

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Dizziness
  4. Stomach aches
  5. Fever within some days

The elderly, babies, and others with complications where their immune system is concerned as well as pregnant women have very high chances to show major signs of food poisoning. So, this should always be watched with much caution to save lives.

Serious food poisoning effects to know about

There are some food contaminations that aren’t so critical or serious and can in itself end in a short time. Nevertheless, if an individual goes through some of the signs below, there is a need for a medical doctor to be called in immediately. They include;

  1. Disorientation
  2. Muscles that are paralyzed
  3. High levels of dizziness
  4. High heartbeats or breathing rates
  5. Going through visual troubles
  6. Have issues with speaking

These signs above should tell you that the individual has critical food poisoning issues and must be rushed to the hospital or clinic immediately to prevent any major issues with their health or even death.

Some solutions to deal with food poisoning

With the different facts that are above with regard to food poisoning and the various signs to show that there is such a problem, you need to know the ways to deal with food poisoning in general. Below are some of the solutions to food poisoning that can aid you or others in such conditions;

  1. Leave the patient to rest. When you eat food that is poisoned, it can make your body very weak. This is why there is a need for you to take as much rest as you can possibly have. This helps a lot.
  2. You can also take in lemon juice. This is important to help in destroying most bacteria that caused the poisoning in the first instance.
  3. You can take some bananas. Due to the fact that they have potassium energy, you are able to obtain the help you need to recover. Nevertheless, make sure you do not take in more than two bananas and particularly if you are experiencing diarrhea.
  4. Make some ginger juice and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. This will aid you in dealing with all problems within the digestive system.
  5. Make sure you do not take any drugs when your doctor has no idea.
  6. Try to take in some coconut water, water, or even Gatorade in huge amounts. However, make sure they are taken in small sips to prevent dehydration.


To end this article, you need to know that food contamination with regard to poisoning can cost you so much and in some way can result in early death. There is the need to be careful of what you eat all the time and also know how to handle food poisoning immediately when you realize its signs so that no major problems will happen.